Monday, August 24, 2009

Look at this Local Hipster get Pantsed

Most of you have by now heard of the website Look at this fucking hipster. While hipsters like to believe that irony and sarcasm are unbreakable shields that deflect all criticism of their horrible fashion and lifestyle choices, Look at this fucking hipster tells them all, “the emperor has no clothes” with perfect simplicity.

To my knowledge, no local website, blog, or printed publication has drawn any attention to the fact that Look at this fucking hipster made a Millions of Brazilians youtube video their June 30th entry. If after seeing the June 30th entry, you’re not convinced it’s really that guy from Millions of Brazilians, take this link to see it directly on youtube, and take notice of it’s author. The comments that have been placed there since June 30th are priceless.

Let this be a lesson to every one in a band about what happens when you mix video cameras and ironic mustaches.

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  1. why would you fucking subject anyone to this horrid nasty-ass shit? Jesus fucking ....