Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Keep your Cell Phones Silent During the Recital

When a kid has been practicing on a musical instrument for a while, they perform what’s called a recital. The kid’s parents, grandparents, various other relatives, neighbors, and friends of the family are all expected to show up. They sit quietly with their hands folded in their lap, and try very hard to seem interested. They do their utmost to stay awake, and keep their cell phones silent. No one wants to be the person who hurt the kid’s feelings at the recital they practiced so hard for.

All that plays out a bit differently in the Detroit scene. The kids of a few well connected aging scenesters get opening slots that they probably haven’t earned for bands that get a good draw. Most of the people there stand there politely as they wait for the set recital to end in anticipation of the band they really came to see.

Have you noticed that the only people who say they like hearing these kiddy bands are the people who personally know the parents?