Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Broke in Detroit Awards

Blog Darling of the Year Award: Lettercamp

Do We Really Have a Venue Shortage Award: The Bakery Loft

Overfed Pan-handler Award: Anthony Morrow and the Magic Stick Lounge, narrowly beating out John Dunivant

The Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss Love/Hate Award: Jasper and The Loving Touch

The Charlie LeDuff Award for Excellence in Psuedo-Journalism: Melena Ryzik of the New York Times, who apparently can’t even review a hotel without mentioning the capitol of the Brooklynization of Detroit movement

Venue with an Atmosphere Most Resembling a High School Cafeteria Award: The Loving Touch

Fulfilled Prophecy Award: Zach Weedon, for coming through and having an arrangement with Scion

Redheaded Stepchild in the Eyes of the Media Award: Torya Blanchard (Doesn't she deserve at least 3/5 as much coverage as Phil Cooley gets?)

The Richard Blackwell Award for Excellence in Fashion Criticism: Nathan Burgundy

Amber Alert Award: Bryan Metro’s Weekend Round-Up. Close runner up, those people who used to go around to all the bars giving away Camel cigarrettes.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Stirling’s Pants