Friday, January 22, 2010

My First Giveaway Contest Ever: The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre is having a show at The Majestic Café on January 29th, and I’m giving away a pair of tickets. As I do more and more contests, I’ll get to know more and more local band members on a personal basis. I’ll start to regularly show up on guest lists, and bands will start to rely on me as one of several outlets to get the word out about their shows. Over time, I’ll be less critical of the band members putting me on their guest lists. Later on, I’ll be less critical of bands that are friends of the band members I know, for fear that I’ll be removed from guest lists if I offend them. Eventually, I’ll be too afraid to be anything less than flattering to the twice removed cousin of anyone with the slightest pull over a guest list. So I guess that makes this posting the beginning of the end of my unfiltered opinions.

Anyways, back to the contest. Send me an email at orvilleoglethorpe{at}gmail{dot}com describing your worst experience at a show where you were the only one paying to get in. Since I’m an internet creepster and you don’t trust me with your email address, feel free to utilize that alias email address that you use for posting and answering those Casual Encounters ads on Craigslist. The winning testimonial will be posted on this blog, and you and a guest will get into The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre’s show on January 29th for free. (Don't worry, at no point will you have to give me your real name)

You could be going to that Haiti relief show next door that night, but don’t bother. MTV and George Clooney are hosting a televised fundraiser, so Haiti’s all taken care of.