Monday, March 8, 2010

Ruminating on the Blowout

Once a year Hamtramck gets overrun by a multitude of music fans. The residents of the town, who hail from so many different parts of the globe, get a rare opportunity to display their own xenophobia. It's an irony that hipsters can only hope to match during their lifetime. This year the locals banded together, and combined the witchcraft from their respective homelands in an effort to bring destruction down upon these outlanders. Instead what happened is that a brick wall fall down on someone's car.

Tragedies aside, I feel that overall, this year's Blowout was a success. In the bustle of trying to experience as much as possible, one can forget about all the drama, pretensions, and miscellaneous bullshit that often detracts so many music fans from the scene. Being awed by a performance from a band that you've never even heard of before can fill you with wonder and hope.

I almost forgot to complain about something. What was Eve Doster Whatsherface thinking when she booked The Sights and The Hard Lessons at New Dodge Lounge? There were roughly 20-30 people who couldn't get into New Dodge during The Sight's performance because they were at maximum capacity, and it was even worse for The Hard Lessons. It's known that at the very least, The Hard Lessons have sold out the Magic Stick and St. Andrew's Hall. Columbus Hall should have been the obvious venue for them. Well...that's all I got. Feel free to add your own complaints in the comment section.


  1. What a bummer- people who've already seen the hard lessons or the sights 1,00,000,00,000 times didnt get to see them yet again and had to check out! Unforgivable!

    in seriousness, my guess is it was so all the places had a better chance of being full- devide and conquer. from what i saw, it worked.