Monday, August 23, 2010

Johnny Come Lately

BBC, Time Magazine, Dateline, and now Johnny Knoxville is jumping on the bandwagon. Who's next? Brooke Shields, Gary Busey, Vanilla Ice, and Highlights Magazine?

This time it's totally different though, because it's all positive and they're talking to hip people. Also, it's sort of an ad for boots. Really. An ad for boots. How nice of Johnny Knoxville to take time away from tasering his own balls on camera to come to Detroit and shoot a commercial for boots.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Historic Moments: The Genesis of Lazersharkz

The subject matter may seem irrelevant now, but it's not my fault that this historical reenactment is a year and half late. First there was the fallout from the writers' strike, then my lead actor walked off the set. The fascist bastards at the State of Michigan wouldn't approve my request for a film incentive, and there were script changes and re-shoots. At long last, I present to you the Director's Cut of The Genesis of Lazersharkz: