Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scenester Douchetard of the Week: Stirling’s Pants

"You come anywhere near me with bleach, and I'll cut you, bitch."

Well, Stirling’s Pants, I have to say that after being attached to a Detroit scene fixture for so long, you have become an institution all on your own. You didn’t just walk out of an acid induced day-glo fantasy and settle for an insular and cliquey environment, you broadened your horizons. You’ve been able to meet Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, and Iggy Pop. You could write your own memoir.

I’ll bet you’ve done a lot of things before they became popular, and met a lot of people before they became famous. You were clinging to a pair of long spindly chicken legs way before this new generation of hipsters were even born.

Stirling’s Pants, for all these reasons and more, you are Broke in Detroit’s Scenester Douchetard of the Week.

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