Friday, June 3, 2011

Brush Your Shoulders Off

John Galt, the hero of Atlas Shrugged, throws off the shackles of society, and creates an all new society at Galt's Gulch, where creativity and intelligence (also inherited wealth) can't be leeched off by the freeloaders. In a seminal moment, he delivers a stirring speech:
"Dudes, I'm totally sick of all of you freeloaders. You smoke my stash, you drink my Mountain Dew, and you eat all of my Funions. Me and all of the other creative types are going to go live somewhere you can't find us. You'll be deprived of all the cool shit we think up and create. It'll be like we went on strike, and then you'll be totally sorry. Although none of us have any experience actually assembling the stuff we design, or even mowing our own lawns, we'll eventually figure out how to repair our own houses and cars when they break. I'm sure it'll all work out."
(I might have paraphrased a bit)

John Galt's philosophy didn't die out. Sean Shea is sick of all you Eddie Willers staying at home, and not venturing out to find his, and all the other Detroit bands. He's tired of waiting for the uncultured simpletons to appreciate all of Detroit's creativity. He outlined a new Detroit Scene Objectivism as the new Galt's Gulch got underway:
"Our music and art community," said Shea, "is developing into it's own self-sustaining society that is supported by its members. It is with the help of the individuals and groups that make up the music community that brings things together, running like a strong motor..."

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