Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Call to Arms

The funding goal was reached at the last minute, so the "Urgh! A Detroit Music War" documentary should become a reality (do the donors get their money back if this never gets completed?). The attempt to document what's happening in Detroit music is a noble goal. Ideally, such an attempt would be made every year, allowing viewers to watch bands evolve over time. The argument about whether $5000 is an appropriate amount, or the validity of how kickstarter is used was made elsewhere (and without procrastination), so we can put that aside.

The creators of A Detroit Music War don't seem to be considering the conclusions that might be drawn from the context of their documentary. In the original "Urgh! A Music War", you saw bands that were being watched by hundreds and hundreds of people. The Detroit version has eighteen bands all on the same day, at The Lager House, a place with a maximum capacity of roughly a hundred people (I'm guessing). Eighteen bands, four band members per band on average, so let's estimate 72 people there that are in one band or another that's playing that night. Halfway through watching the new documentary, people will say "Hey, is the audience made up mostly of members of the other bands?". They'll likely draw the conclusion that the Detroit music scene was mostly concerned with relatively small social circles, and weren't making sincere efforts to reach larger audiences.

The summer of 1968 in Paris was called The Summer of Love. Will the summer of 2011 in Detroit be called the Summer of the Circle Jerk?


  1. The Lager Show was just part of what will be in the documentary. So far, they have since recorded bands at Blue Moon in June as well as at the Lager House last night.

    The More You Know


  2. Okay, I guess $5000 was more than what they needed for the project as they initially proposed it. Good for them, I'm not rooting for this to fail after all. They haven't updated their site in regards to their expansion, or maybe I'm just the last guy to find out about everything.

    Did any of the bands that they filmed recently fall outside of that original 18?

    Regardless, I still believe that the footage of the first night will give the impression I described.

  3. Pretty sure every band they filmed post lager show did not play that original night.