Monday, December 12, 2011

High Standards

Steve Nawara's Beehive Recording Company recently celebrated it's achievements with a formal ball at The Gaelic League in Corktown. Chris Handyside, writer for Metro Times, was there, and he astutely summed up the attendees:
"These weren't Williamsburg-style, trust-funded hipsters or trend-chasing fashion victims simply making the scene."
(published in the Metro Times on November 30th, 2011)
The entryways were closely guarded to keep those types out. There was no chance of an asshat who keeps his scarf on when he's indoors like this guy getting in.

If you still doubt Handyside's assessment of that night's crowd, you simply need to look over some of the photos from that night. Clearly there is no pervasive theme or style throughout the majority of attendees that would denote even a hint of trend-chasing.

Well done Handyside, well done.

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