Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detroit Hipsters

My creepy but humble blog gets traffic from some odd search results. I'll get traffic from searches like "orange jeans" (all those searches originate in Europe), "marcie bolen jason stollsteimer", and even "jeremy freer douche". The keyword search phrase that gives me more hits than all of those combined is "detroit hipsters". Aside from a few posts mocking their fashion cliches, I don't have much material on the subject. I now finally have a place to redirect all that traffic. The brand spanking new blog But *I'm* Not a Hipster. You're Welcome.

And for all you Brooklyn jag offs, stop combing through the internet for references to Detroit hipsters. Hope all you want, but Detroit's hipster population will never reach a height that will alleviate the hipster stigma of your own neighborhood. You've got more hipsters in two city blocks than Detroit has in all of its 143 square miles.

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