Thursday, March 15, 2012

Links and Stuff

I don't post here very often. What few readers I have often give up waiting for me to post again. Before my last post, it took me two months until I had something to say. The solution is to take my standards for content, and bring them even lower. I'm going to do that by just posting links to stuff.

I've never found Amy Gore so interesting. (NSFW)

The Theatre Bizarre guys get hit for the wrong reason, in the worst possible way. They never deserved more than a slap on the wrist from the city, the forced adherence to some reasonable safety codes, and the occasional sniping about how they run their events. The city should be grateful for anyone that isn't making the city worse. How is it that the owner of the Packard Plant never had to face misdemeanor charges?

The guys behind the Burton Theatre are making another go at it. Maybe this time the line-of-sight will be improved, and every screening will start with reminders of all the manners their hipster-leaning crowd tended to forget.

Not Detroit related, but the most awesome Craigslist ad ever was taken down. Lucky for us, other sites have recorded it for posterity.

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