Tuesday, March 27, 2012

S'more Links

The New York Times can't even run a story about a new ad campaign from General Motors without mentioning Slow's BBQ.

I wasn't sure about this whole Record Store Day thing, but now that there's going to be an exclusive variant edition from Jamiroquai sold on that day, I'm totally in.

I always thought that if the subject of race were to come up in regards to the Nain Rouge march, it would be about persisting de facto segregation. I guess not. I think the de facto segregation discussion would be more interesting, useful, and based in facts.

Over at the Metrotimes, in two climatic, nail-biting sentences, we're led to believe that Brett Callwood might say something bad about the work of a peer. Thank God that didn't happen. What a relief.

Nick Chevillet of The Handgrenades tells Mick Collins, "Get outta the way, old man!". (I may have paraphrased a bit)

The bodies of the two women who were kidnapped before the Blowout have been found. Peoples' Facebook pages aren't blowing up over it, so I think someone should mention it.

Kind of old news, but the Majestic complex updated their site. Now with a twitter feed. Yay...just what society needs, more bombardments of useless information via twitter.

Amy Gore continues to be rad. Is there no end to how rad she is? (NSFW)

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