Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Lastest Excretion of Links

In a rare example of good judgement, which we're not accustomed to seeing around here, the marshmallow awning by Circa 1890 is finally coming down.

Media consolidation is the #1 reason that radio stations suck so bad. WRIF isn't owned by Clear Channel or Cumulus, so what's their excuse?

Red Bull House of Art Detroit; because nothing showcases the best that humanity has to offer better than Red Bull. Keep a look out for the Scion Shakespeare Company, and the Axe Body Spray Holocaust Memorial.

When the media isn't reporting on things that make us look pathetic, it's reporting on things that make us look ridiculous.

Amy Gore still posts awesome stuff.


  1. How did I miss this??? I must be neglecting the fucktards. RE *Amy Gore* I am certain you don't get the joke. I thought you were a master of sarcasm.

  2. Indeed, how could you miss it? You're my most devout reader.

  3. I know what she was talking about and you don't (as usual) . :) bwahahaha. only weak, insecure, losery types like overpowering insecure women. I'll miss you "ew". It's been fun.

  4. Hi Beansie. Go on telling yourself that you're the only who "gets it". I'm sure that's what you think every time the whole world dismisses your "art".

    How many times have you claimed you won't be coming back? I've lost count