Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ad Nauseum

I mock an over-publicized white entrepreneurial guy, and some people got all butthurt about it. Maybe I should have just used a captioned picture to mock him.

Jason Lorimer really stepped in it when he posted his kumbiya bullshit about Detroit. Who knew an internet meme would get so much coverage? I mean a lot of coverage, and more well deserved mockery.

There are so many great ideas to plagiarize. Let's start with this:
This just feels like a better fit, doesn't it?

Reassigning this caption is the obvious move.

The "white entrepreneurial guy" meme didn't gain enough momentum in time to stop this puff piece. Don't you just love the phrase "barbecue entrepreneur"? How about the fact that the "barbecue entrepreneur" isn't even named? It's going to be hard for the writer of that piece to play the tongue-in-cheek card after the fact when half of the piece is about more white entrepreneurs.

What else can I do with this photo?