Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Links for Your Holiday Weekend

"I-94 expansion threatens recording studio where Motown sound got its start" Someone should tell the people living in the Fourth Street neighborhood that their homes are all going to be destroyed. Actually, wait until they're sober, then tell them. Otherwise you'll just have to tell them all over again.

A hipster tries to understand the hipster phenomenon. How meta.

Are you tapped out from all of the benefit events? How about now? Don't go spending your last dollar on some sick kid, because someone expects you to pay to repair her car.

Techno Thursdays at Whole Foods Detroit? Really?

What happened to It's like it can't decide if it still wants to be a thing or not. I suppose it could be worse. is so bloated with inane posts that they even report on what's happening in Rochester NY.

I'm glad that Bryan Metro is blogging again, but I really wish he would just fuck Marcie Bolen and get it over with already.

Destroy This Place played to empty rooms? That isn't possible, because they have the best press releases ever, and Ryan Allen succeeds at everything he puts his mind to.

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