Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If you have the time today, and you happen to be passing through Nashville, you should go to this:

Wednesday July 17th Third Man Records will present a panel discussion focused on Detroit and the rock music that's come from the city from the past five decades. The first event of its kind at Third Man, it centers on the new book by Steve Miller titled Detroit Rock City an exhaustive oral history of the past fifty years of rock and roll in the Motor City. Panelists include...
STEVE MILLER - noted true crime journalist and editor of the recent Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk ZIne '79-'83 and lead singer of early hardcore exemplars the Fix
SCOTT RICHARDSON - lead singer and namesake of legendary Detroit band SRC
JERRY VILE - lead singer of cartoon punk band the Boners and editor of a slew of Detroit-area 'zines and proper publications like White Noise, Fun, and Orbit
BEN BLACKWELL - drummer for the Dirtbombs, head vinyl guy at Third Man Records, official White Stripes archivist

In addition to the discussion, there will also be a Q&A session as well as the sharing of impossibly-rare and previously unknown audio recordings and film footage from some of the most-loved and well-known bands discussed in the book. While we can't divulge exactly what we'll be sharing, we will have the strictest enforcement of our no photos/videos/recording policy to date.
Tickets ($5) are available at the door beginning at 6pm the night of the discussion, or online in advance HERE.

It's such a great idea to have this panel discussion in Nashville. It's inspired me to host one of my own. On August 3rd in Paducah Kentucky there will be a panel discussion entitled, "The Detroit Scene: Is It Over Itself Yet?". The panel will include Spaghetti Man, Hamtramck Steve, PJ's ponytail, Stirling, that guy that drums on the paint buckets, an apathetic hipster that works at Cliff Bell's, and Bryan Metro's sunglasses.

Tickets will be $10, because it's obviously worth twice as much. The guestlist will only have one entry, "Marcie Bolen +25".


  1. stirling showed up for this in nashville

  2. You crack me up, Oglethorpe. One of the most shockingly true/hilarious things I've seen in a while. Keep it up!

    XoXo, Jarrett Koral