Sunday, July 13, 2014

Remnant Links In The Bowl

The New York Times still can't write about Detroit without bringing Phil Cooley into it. It gets even worse:
"Next to Slows, Cooley helped two friends open Astro Coffee, building the milk station and some furniture for them. As I walked with him past the cafe, he stopped to embrace an organic farmer who was eating couscous from a bowl as he read The New Yorker. Like Cooley, the farmer was white, willowy and bearded, and he wore a look-alike checked flannel shirt."
I just threw up in my mouth.

Jim Diamond is the newest victim of gentrification.

After the Metro Times absorbed Real Detroit Weekly they couldn't stop crowing about how they now had the largest alt-weekly publication in the country. How long was that going to last until they started axing people? At least Callwood doesn't have to move, so I can still torment him.

I'm not going to donate money to another bullshit cash grab on Kickstarter. I've found a cause that's worthy of my donation.

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